Welcome to the Jesse James Revival

Please have a look around the website.

As we get rolling and the articles and blog posts roll in we will update you with links to them.

Stay tuned for our grassroots efforts to engage with you fans in other cities to help book the film in your local repertory house in 2014.

There will be a series of special articles by some of our team members as well as some very talented other writers around the web.

We also have some giveaways coming soon.

Please pardon the lack of content at the moment. It is intentional. We will fill this space and fill out the website more as we generate content and content comes in from other sources.

For now, please direct your attention to the VENUE link for information about our kickoff screening of the “No Eulogies” effort to revive Andrew Dominik’s masterpiece “The Assassination of Jesse James” this December in Astoria, NY at The Museum of the Moving Image.

Please stay tuned. Much more to come.

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Jesse James Revival